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Not so long ago, we covered about Apple’s rumored plans to launch a new iMac with a multitouch display which will run a iOS 4 layer on top of OS X to use touchscreen capabilities. Well it looks like we are finally going to see a touchscreen computer from Apple after all. A new interesting patent has just popped up which shows a touchscreen capable iMac dubbed as the “Apple iMac Touch”.

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Multitouch Gaming on MacBook Pro

By | January 23rd, 2010

The developers behind the popular iPhone game Touchgrind has published a video, which shows off a Mac version of the game, run and controlled by utilizing the multitouch capabilities of MacBook Pro’s mouse trackpad. This version of Touchgrind for OS X is only a technical demo and requires the newer MacBook’s with multitouch capable mouse trackpads.

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Wow! I didn’t saw this coming from Apple!. According to the latest reports from Chinese Commercial Times, Apple is planning to launch 22-inches capacitive touchscreen iMac’s sometime this year. We all know that HP already has all-in-one TouchSmart PCs for a while now, with multitouch capable capacitive screens, and an OS like Windows 7 which fully supports those gestures.

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