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According to the latest report from Apple Insider, the Cupertino based company has ordered large amount of LED camera flash components for 2010 calendar year. The same source has also learned that Philips LEXEON LED flash technology may have already got the contract for what looks like to being featured on the next-generation iPhone 4G, when it is released in summer of this year.

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Verizon with its “iDont, Droid Does” advertising campaign has been ruthlessly targeting Apple iPhone, including Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs personally with its recent ad in Sports Illustrated magazine last week. These Droid ads clearly shows how desperate Verizon is to pitch its phones against the mighty iPhone. The Big ‘V’ has got the two Droid phones and is trying too hard to promote them. How far this ad war is going to benefit them is a bit too early to comment on. But one thing that we all were sure off was that Apple is going to respond to them sooner rather than later.

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Motorola Droid – the first phone from the DROID series was unveiled today in a press conference held by Verizon Wireless. Droid will be the first phone to be powered by the new Google Android 2.0 operating system and will be available, starting from Nov. 6th for $199 (after a $100 rebate) with a two-year contract on Verizon. Below is a quick rundown on how Motorola Droid stands against the ever so popular iPhone 3GS.

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