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Gaming consoles are already a symbol of sedentary life, but some still require users to get up and insert their games into the DVD tray in order to be able to sit down for the next few hours. Hardcore hardware modder Ben Heck has furthered the concept of couch potato even more by engineering a machine that automatically pops in the desired disc based on the user’s input.

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Ever wish the PlayStation 3 had a smaller form factor and a built-in monitor? This “portable” console is a water-cooled PlayStation 3 retrofitted into a custom-made laptop case.

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The guy behind The MacBook Air Project site has managed to fit a fully working Mac (MacBook Air to be more precise) under a combination of Apple Wireless Keyboard and the newly released Magic Trackpad. It is one single piece which you can connect to any monitor to enjoy full Mac OS X experience. Amazing isn’t it? It features: 1.6 Ghz Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of RAM, and 80GB of HDD. He did this because he believed that it “will be used much beyond internet / email….maybe as an Apple TV replacement”.

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