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The My Xbox LIVE app only dropped for Android a couple of days ago (released contemporaneously with a significant update to the iOS iteration), but already, Microsoft has released Kinectimals for Android – rendering it the very first Microsoft game for Google’s market-leading mobile operating system.

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In an unexpected move, Microsoft has released a mobile version of their successful Kinectimals game on Apple’s very own iPhone and iPad. Kinectimals for Xbox was one of the few games demoed before the official Kinect launch. Aimed primarily for the younger crowd, the game allows you to interact with virtual pets on a mysterious island.

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Released in late 2010, Kinectimals for Xbox 360 was considered as one of the best Kinect launch titles because of its involving, fun gameplay and endearing presentation. The game has now been released for Windows Phone 7, in somewhat dumbed down form and it is what we’ll be talking about in this post.

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