Kinectimals For Windows Phone Now Available For Download

Released in late 2010, Kinectimals for Xbox 360 was considered as one of the best Kinect launch titles because of its involving, fun gameplay and endearing presentation. The game has now been released for Windows Phone 7, in somewhat dumbed down form and it is what we’ll be talking about in this post.


Developed by Frontier Developments, Kinectimals for Windows Phone 7 is lot like Kinectimals for Xbox 360, but instead of utilizing full-body motion sensing with Kinect, you get to interact with virtual animals with touch input. You can put these animals through little obstacle courses, teach them little tricks and just, you know, pet them.

From Windows Phone Marketplace:

This irresistible mobile experience gives you the chance to use your phone to visit the island of Lemuria and play with, care for and fall in love with your very own cub.  Bring your pet with you wherever you go!  If you’ve already experienced Kinectimals on Kinect for Xbox 360, your phone becomes the key to unlocking five new cubs on your console.  Stand-alone mobile game features Kinectimals’ signature visual quality, delightful animation and brand new ways to play with your cub!

We’ve personally tested the game on our HTC 7 Trophy and can confirm that it works as advertised. If you’ve played Kinectimals for Kinect on Xbox 360, you know exactly what to expect from this game: you get to play around with cubs and, well, that’s really just what you do. There are five all-new cubs to interact with and these cubs can be unlocked on your Xbox 360 after you get the game for your WP7 smartphone.



It’s not for everyone, but Kinectimals is sure to please anyone who likes cute, adorable cubs (who doesn’t, anyway?). Just don’t expect to get much mileage out of it if you’re the hardcore gamer-type.

If you’re interested, Kinectimals is available for $2.99 from the Windows Phone Marketplace. It can also be tried out for free, so you have no excuse not to check it out. Do let us know what you think of it in the comments section on our Facebook page!

Download Kinectimals [Marketplace Link]

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