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It’s getting extremely interesting on the eve of Facebook’s IPO, with the social network managing to raise an incredible $16 billion, while setting the price per share at an impressive starting point of $38 apiece. As expected, the managers from the big-money companies have all been keen to get in on the act, and the share price leaves Facebook’s market value at an incredible $104 billion – half that of fellow web-based giant Google.

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Facebook has been long rumored to be getting all its ducks in a row, ready for its Initial Public Offering, or IPO. On Wednesday, the social network flicked the switch, instantly making itself a target for those looking to make money off its huge popularity.

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After being in the pipeline for quite some time, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has taken the long anticipated plunge and filed to go public with the company’s eagerly anticipated initial public offering (IPO).

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