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If you were blown away by the Galaxy S5, but just can’t bring yourself to fill the bank account of Samsung, then fear not, as Goophone has you covered with their imaginatively named S5. Samsung’s unveiling of its next flagship device has undoubtedly peaked the interest of the smartphone using community, and based on a quick glance and browse of the device’s specs, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Goophone S5 is the same device. However, it’s not. It’s a very convincing copy that’s taken less than two days to get out into the real world.

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The iPhone 5c and, more so, the iPhone 5s, are two of the hottest properties in tech right now, and with the former not being as “budget” as some had hoped while the latter remains in very short supply, it stands to reason that iPhone fans may instead opt for some of the alternatives out there. As well as the scores of options from rivaling mobile vendors, there are also plenty of interesting knockoffs, and Chinese outfit GooPhone has long since been making money by essentially ripping off Apple products. In light of those recent releases, GooPhone is back with the “i5c” and “i5s” to emulate the two flagship iPhones, and I think you will agree that both are extremely convincing.

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