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Galaxy S7 Active, Samsung’s supposedly ruggedized version of the flagship Galaxy S7 has fallen foul of Consumer Reports stringent testing, and while you might imagine that the issue may be something such as poor reception of bad screen quality, the actual issue is one that’s far more worrying.

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Samsung and AT&T have combined forces to officially announce the next model to be made available in the Galaxy S7 range. Rather than extending the range with the introduction of a new device with a larger display or new technical functionality, Samsung has officially introduced the Galaxy S7 Active, a month after photos of the device leaked online.

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The as-yet unannounced Samsung Galaxy S7 Active has been outed, with leaked photos showing the new, rugged phone in all its glory. The upcoming phone appears to follow in the footsteps of the Galaxy S6 Active by being based on the current year’s flagship model but with some ruggedization going on.

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