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Facebook is always looking to improve and update its market-leading social network, and as part of that, it looks as though the ability to add images into comments is forthcoming. Users of the world’s foremost social network can already to as such with their status updates, but this new update, which will initially roll out on the Web, will allow images to be added to comments as well.

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When the likes of TechCrunch and LA Times started using Facebook as their post commenting system, the feedback they got on it was mixed. Normal people loved it because it cut out the anonymous trolls and the trolls hated it because, well they couldn’t troll anonymously. Now though they can get back to doing what they do best – spouting rubbish about their favorite smartphone that they’ve turned into a new religion.

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The Facebook staff is always on the move to evolve, experiment and add new features to the social network. What I love about them is the way they do it. Apart from the timely major over-hauls, they keep on introducing users to minor changes and updates. This allows users to cope up with changes while getting to enjoy new features at the same time.

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