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United Kingdom based consumers have been watching the Everything Everywhere (EE) story unfold over the last month, waiting patiently for the UK’s first 4G network to release details regarding the tariffs that will be available when the provider officially launches on October 30th. We’ve been drip-fed information over the last few weeks regarding the handsets that will be available as well as the potential data speeds that consumers could expect to achieve, and now, we have the final piece of the jigsaw with the official release of the available tariffs and associated handset prices.

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Olaf Swantee, Chief Executive Officer of EE (Everything Everywhere), has confirmed that the company’s LTE network will go live in the next few weeks on October 30th and will be the first offering of its kind in the United Kingdom. EE, the parent company of the Orange and T-Mobile networks in the UK, will be welcoming customers on board at the end of this month enabling them to enjoy all of the benefits that come with 4G technology.

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The talk about 4G LTE data services has been rife recently with a number of manufacturers pushing out new devices with LTE compatibility, effectively allowing consumers to significantly increase their mobile data speeds to somewhere around the 20Mbps region. That is obviously fantastic for consumers who live in regions and territories that have the infrastructure to offer that service, but is a bit of a kick in the teeth for those who don’t. The LTE based news that is coming out of the United Kingdom today will represent good news for some, but will be a bitter pill to swallow for others, including most of the major UK based mobile networks.

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