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Diablo III holds the record as the fastest selling PC game of all time, but since it tends to be only the really hardcore gamers bumping up their graphics cards and battling it out on Windows, it makes sense that such a runaway success would eventually manifest itself on console. As of September 3rd, both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gaming fans will be able to get their Diablo III fix, with Activision Blizzard having just made the announcement of the title for the two market-leading current-gen consoles. Details after the break!

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Diablo 3 has been a hugely popular PC title. It’s the kind of game consumers tend to use to judge the gaming competence of a new setup due to its reasonably graphics-intensive nature, and with the PC version having been out for quite a while now, the PlayStation 3 version has just been teased. By the looks of things, the interface has been revamped, offering an altogether more inviting user interface and slicker gameplay.

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