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Apple and Burberry have teamed up to create a new service called R Message. The service will be part of the Burberry iOS app and will allow retail associates to directly message their clients.

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A smartphone’s camera is guaranteed to be upgraded every year. Apple spent a large amount of time discussing the improved camera module on the iPhone 5s as part of last week’s dedicated event, clearly an indication that they are extremely proud of its capabilities. Almost immediately after that event, the Cupertino company announced that fashion giant Burberry would be using an iPhone 5s to capture all of the glitz and glamour of their London fashion show, a video which has now been made available by the fashion house.

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The world may be waiting for September 20th before it can get its collective hands on Apple’s new flagship phone, but the folks at Burberry are getting early access to the iPhone 5s, with the clothing and accessory maker set to use the new handset for a fashion show on September 16th.

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