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The guys over at Rovio have been hard at work producing something that they feel is up to the same standard as their Angry Birds phenomenon, and although we have known for quite some time that the game would give the gorgeous green piggies a chance to take the limelight, we are now seeing the official screenshots of the Bad Piggies game as it starts to hit supporting mobile app stores. It must be extremely difficult to produce a game that follows on from the phenomenal worldwide successes of the Angry Bird series, but Rovio is hoping that mobile gamers are ready to see some pigs fly.

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There’s no better stress reduction tool than taking control of something that you can fling at other objects in order to bring about total annihilation and creating utter chaos as you do it. Luckily for the designers and developers over at Rovio, they understood our need to break stuff and brought the fantastic Angry Birds title to our mobile and desktop devices which in turn catapulted them to the top of the iOS, OS X and Android charts. So what do you do after gaining so much success with a bunch of rage-filled birds? You take the next logical step, turn the tables around and release Bad Piggies.

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If you’ve even the remotest insight into the mobile app and gaming sphere, you’ll undoubtedly have stumbled across Angry Birds on a number of occasions. In fact, you wouldn’t even have needed to pick up a smartphone or slab to have encountered the immensely-popular title, and the fact it can be played in Chrome, on Facebook, Windows or Mac suggests nobody has managed to avoid those pesky multicolored poultry.

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