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They say that some things will never depreciate but rather appreciate with time. Those things include works of art and, usually, real estate. Depending on whether you would call a computer a work of art, then it may not come as much of a surprise that a fully working Apple-1 has been auctioned for more than its original $600 price tag. Considerably more.

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The rare, fully operational Apple-1 we reported as going to auction earlier on this month has just gone under the hammer, and in news that will certainly stun the vast majority of the technology world, has managed to fetch a whopping $671,400.

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It is well documented that when a consumer buys an Apple over a similar product from another brand, they nearly always pay considerably more than that substitute product. But while shelling out over $1,000 for a MacBook Pro is a little too rich for the blood of some consumers, the amount German auctioneer Breker predicts a fully-operational Apple-I to fetch when it goes under the hammer later this month is enough to make anybody’s eyes water.

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