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Here’s something interesting which might spark up your sex life. According to a research performed by OkCupid, iPhone users get laid twice as much as Android users. And so with that in mind, you now have yet another good reason to get an iPhone.

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Sprint and HTC stole the show at CTIA when they announced EVO 4G – the first ever Android powered 4G capable phone; slated for summer 2010 release. This phone is a beast with a 4.3 inches display (first for an Android phone), 8 megapixels camera which is capable of shooting high-definition 720p video, HDMI out, Flash 10.1 enabled browser, and lots more.

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The dispute over censorship row on Google search engine by Chinese authorities has not been resolved as yet. In fact, it has now gone so messy that Google has been forced to postpone the launch of two of its new Android phones from Motorola and Samsung on the Chinese mainland. These two Android phones were originally scheduled to be released on Wednesday on the China Unicom carrier. Google did not specify as to when or if ever the launch would take place.

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