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We’ve discussed on multiple occasions how fragmentation is Android’s Achilles Heel. Despite all the many advantages that the open source nature of the operating system brings to users, it’s no hidden truth that OEMs often tend to delay newer Android builds for even not-so-old devices (or cancel them altogether) simply because they want customers to upgrade to the latest phone to get their hands on the latest and greatest that Android has to offer. Nowadays, it’s not just the one year old smartphones that suffer this dilemma – even the reigning flagships see considerable delays in getting updates to the latest available version of Android. Galaxy S4 is just one example from Samsung.

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The joys of owning a Nexus device, besides from the fact that it’s both cheap and great value for that low cost, is that you get the full, uninhibited Android experience as Google intended. As such, when the Big G decides to throw out updates, you’re always among the first in line, and those OEM / carrier complications won’t leave you waiting for months on end for the latest version. Today, Google has begun releasing Android 4.4.2 KitKat (build number KOT49H) for certain Nexus devices, bringing a bunch of bug fixes and general performance enhancements. More after the break.

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