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7 years after Steve Jobs famously penned an open letter titled ‘Thoughts on Flash’, Adobe has decided to kill the now-infamous web plugin for good.

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Google has revealed plans for its Chrome web browser that will hammer yet another nail into the coffin that has been engineered to be the final resting place of Adobe’s Flash technology. The behemoth company, and developer and publisher of the Chrome web browser, has announced plans to phase out support for Adobe’s Flash Player. The announcement means that Google hopes to disable support for Flash content on all websites by the end of the current calendar year, though it will have a caveat built into the browser in the form of a white-list exemption rule for the world’s top ten domains still using Flash. This whitelist will expire after one year.

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Earlier this month, Adobe made an announcement of its plans to cease development of Flash on mobile browsers. Instead, they would refocus their efforts on the Steve Jobs supported browser technology of HTML5, which can basically display the same content as Flash, but without the need of a plugin.

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