See Who Unfriends You On Facebook With This New App For iOS, Android, Web

In this day and age it seems many of us live our lives on Facebook, not only using it as our digital rolodex but also keeping a running tally of who our friends are and what they are up to. That’s all well and good, but while Facebook tells you when someone wants to be your friend it is much more coy when someone goes the other way, and wants to unfriend you.

In fact, Facebook doesn’t tell you anything about that, which means you may never know when someone unfriends you at all, which may or may not bother you. If it does, and you find yourself wondering who unfriended you today, you may want to check out Who Deleted Me.


Coming in both iOS and Android app flavors as well as a handy Chrome extension for those that don’t happen to live on their smartphones, Who Deleted Me can keep track of just that – which of your Facebook friends deleted you.

The way Who Deleted Me works isn’t exactly magic though. Instead of some fancy use of an API that nobody knew about, Who Deleted Me works by simply downloading a list of your friends the first time it is run and then does the same each subsequent time. By doing that, Who Deleted Me is able to compare the lists and then decide if anyone is missing. If someone is on an older list but not a new one, the app assumes they unfriended you. Simple, but effective.


The Who Deleted Me app is free to download on both iOS and Android, and the Chrome extension is of course free to use as well. If you live your life on Facebook and find yourself always wondering whether anyone has unfriended you then this may be the tool for you. It may not be able to work out why they did it, but at least you will know that the deed was done at all.


Who Deleted Me is by no means the only way to check if someone unfriended you, for example, you can utilize a Chrome extension like Unfriend Notify to achieve the same thing. And we also had a service like TwentyFeet to inform users who unfriended them on Facebook while also giving us an insight to those who unfollowed a user on Twitter. Furthermore, we also had an app by the same name of Who Deleted Me? in the past for iOS as well. But the service / app we highlighted today is from a different developer and the takes the cup for being available on all major platforms, and it’s absolutely free as well.

You can download Who Deleted Me for iOS from here, Android here, and the Chrome extension from here.

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