How To Find Out Who Unfriend You On Facebook Or Twitter

Sometimes we’re all so preoccupied with gaining friends and followers that we’re sometimes missing one of the most important metrics we can use to measure our performance on social media sites – who’s unfollowing us?


While both Twitter and Facebook are all too keen to send us emails and notifications when we gain a follower or friend, there is are no such notifications when someone deems us no-longer worth keeping an eye on – something that can often help us improve the way we interact with people online.

This is where TwentyFeet comes in.

What TwentyFeet does is tie into your Facebook and Twitter accounts (one of each if you’re going for the free service). From here on TwentyFeet will monitor your accounts for when someone removes you as a friend or, in Twitter’s case, unfollows you.


Obviously if you lose a friend on Facebook it’s possible they have jumped ship completely and deemed the network’s odd privacy issues just too much of a sticking point to overcome in order to farm some imaginary fruit but if not, just knowing who they are could help you prevent the loss of more people in future.

Check out the company’s explanation video for more information.

TwentyFeet is free for two accounts, with a business account available for just $2.49 per additional social media account.

(via: Digital Inspiration)

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