Rare iPhone 6 Prototype Listed For Sale, Costs $59,000 [Photos]

Nothing captures the imagination more than a good leak of a prototype Apple device, except perhaps that device finding its way into the public domain. It has happened a handful of times in the past, most notably when an iPhone 4 turned up in a bar before it was announced. One thing you don’t do when you get your hands on something like that is to try and sell it in a public forum, because that inevitably attracts the wrong kind of attention.

So when we saw that a supposed iPhone 6 prototype was listed on eBay, we gave our heads a little shake and checked it out.

iPhone 6 lightning main

Sure enough, the iPhone photographed for the eBay listing does appear to be something other than the finished article. Featuring the kind of pre-release, testing oriented version of iOS that we’ve seen in the past and sans any kind of product markings on the device’s rear, this prototype iPhone 6 even has a telltale red Lightning connector port, which is something of a hallmark of Apple’s. Prototype Apple hardware often features red internals, presumably to make the item immediately distinguishable as something not meant for public consumption.

iPhone 6 Prototype Sale (2)

iPhone 6 Prototype Sale (1)

Of course, that goes for selling stuff on eBay, too.

iPhone 6 Prototype Sale (3)

iPhone 6 Prototype Sale (5)

The phone itself was apparently received in error from US carrier Verizon, with the eBay seller saying that it should have been a 64GB iPhone 6. Instead, they got what looks to be a silver prototype device. We’re not entirely sure about that story because we don’t see why Verizon would have a retail boxed iPhone 6 that’s anything other than the finished article, but strange things do happen. Regardless, the thing’s up for sale right now and has already reached a current high bid of upwards of $59k as of writing. We’d expect the listing to be removed soon enough, though, once Apple gets wind of it.

iPhone 6 Prototype Sale (4)

(source: eBay | via: TheNextWeb)

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