Official PwnageTool for Windows Release Seems Imminent !

In a recent feud with iH8Sn0w over Sn0wbreeze, Both MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev Team and iH8Sn0w confirmed that a well known and respected developer and hacker in jailbreak community, chpwn is working on a PwnageTool port for Windows, and that the release is imminent!


iH8Sn0w: @syzwnghani well, looks like chpwn is working on pt for windows, so maybe never,

MuscleNerd: @iH8sn0w seriously…@chpwn is your age, and about to release a better version of PT for win. Don’t *blame* him for that.

For those of you who don’t know, PwnageTool (currently for Mac only) allows for cooking custom firmware files without the upgraded baseband. This ultimately enables iPhone users to unlock their phones using older versions of Ultrasn0w which are compatible with these older basebands.

Stay tuned to us for more development in this space!

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