Photos Of iPhone 6 Home Button Parts Leaked, This Is What They Look Like

Even if you’re remotely interested in tech news, you’d know that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 has proven to be the leaky cauldron of the tech world, giving away news in the form of images, parts, logic boards, front and rear panels, casings and whatnot.

One particular source that’s been really helpful in bringing this information to the world has been, and they have struck once again, this time with leaked images of iPhone 6’s Home Button Flex and Induction Flex components.


The leaked images offer a side by side comparison of the Home Button Flex from the current iPhone 5s and the upcoming iPhone 6/Air ones. According to rumors, the 4.7-inch iPhone will carry the 6 moniker while the 5.5-inch variant will become the iPhone Air, and that both the devices will be rather distinct in more than just their screen size variation. The leaked Home Button Flex supports this notion, showing a straight flex cable for the iPhone 6 against a curved one for the iPhone Air. It seems that both the devices will indeed have very different innards, after all.

Another interesting thing to note is that both these are considerably different from the iPhone 5s Home Button Flex, which carries a 180 turn in the cable’s layout.

The second leaked part, the Induction Flex, suggests that the photo sensor might be moved away from this cable after all in the iPhone 6 – a place where it has remained seated for quite a few iterations.



The leaked images of these iPhone 6 components appear to be legitimate, too, since the cables’ identification numbers match up with previous leaks. Also, Nowhereelse’s sources and leaks have been generally credible so far, so we’re inclined to believe that the information is authentic.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone Air launch is probably just around the corner, with Apple expected to make the announcement at a media event in September. It’s pretty certain that the world is now going to see iPhone being offered in two size variants, which will differ in more than just the screen real estate on offer. The leaks speeding up further suggest that production lines are running full capacity these days, and hence, the device is close to seeing the light of day.


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