Apple Store Employee Reveals iPhone 6 Launch And Release Dates

With leaks piling up and everyone pretty confident about what the new iPhone(s) will look like already, all that’s really left to the imagination is when we will be first shown what we will hopefully be able to buy shortly after.

Conventional wisdom has Apple announcing mid-September and then launching a week or so later, which is basically the form that it has followed with iPhone launches since the 4s came to being. We wouldn’t put a great deal of money on Apple moving away from such a strategy, but a source has told MacRumors that this may not be quite how Apple is set to do things this time around.


Citing an all-hands meeting, the Apple Store source has apparently told the rumor site that Apple will be announcing the iPhone 6 to the world on Tuesday, September 16th with the device, or devices going on sale a full month later on October 14th. The source claims a senior store employee has told staff that October will be a big month not just for Apple’s retail stores, but for the company as whole. A potential iWatch release has also been thrown into the rumor for good measure.

As we mentioned earlier though, Apple has form for announcing in mid-September and then launching 10 days later on a Friday. The company does this because it likes to tout first weekend sales numbers at its October iPad events – another reason we’re not sold on the idea of an iPhone going on sale as late as mid-October. If Apple was to move away from a Friday release it would lose the ability to offer like-for-like sales data, something it’s not likely to do in our opinion.

As things stand, and as various sources have told a variety of publications, we’d expect the iPhone 6 to be part of a media event in the middle of September – on a Tuesday – with it going on sale a week and a couple of days later – on a Friday.

It’s what Apple has historically done and after all, why would it change anything now?

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