Order Nexus One Outside US, UK, HK or Singapore

Google officially unveiled the much hyped Nexus One phone to public on January 5th. Those of you who were lucky enough to live in US, UK, Hong Kong or Singapore could immediately order the said phone and have it shipped within 24-48 hours of purchase. Most of the international users were left out in cold, wondering where and how could they get their hands on this new Android handset.

Nexus One

Matt of Gamaze.com has shared his nice little adventure where he successfully ordered Nexus One from Google in US via MyUSABox service to his home in EU. He had to pay little extra charges for shipping but it was reasonable enough.

The steps you need to do to get your Nexus One delivered internationally are as follows.

1. Get access to the ordering process by downloading and installing the free Hotspot Shield (hotspotshield.com) software (Windows & Mac only), in order to protect your location and IP address so that Google’s web store won’t block you out from the ordering process.

2. Sign up for a US based shipping address at MyUSABox.com. This is free but they charge amount of US $5 for registering and will be credited to you when you use the service for the first time.

3. Sign up for a Google Checkout account. If you already have a Google / Gmail account, you can add that easily through your Google account settings. Note that you can use any international shipping address and credit card for this purpose, it does not have to be the MyUSABox address you just signed up for.

4. Order your personal Nexus One phone phone by pointing your browser to https://www.google.com/phone. Please make sure you opt for the SIM free phone at $529 + sales tax. Also, make sure you enter the MyUSAbox shipping address and Google Account billing address to the order.

5. Wait for your N1 to arrive to MyUSABox. You should get notified by email as soon as it arrives unless your e-mail spam filters are too tight.

6. Log in to MyUSABox and forward your box to your home address, it should arrive within a few days.

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