OnePlus 5 Shamelessly Copies iPhone 7 Plus Design

When OnePlus announced earlier this week that it would be unveiling the company’s next smartphone on June 20th, everyone understandably got excited to see what the manufacturer would come up with.

As it turns out, with more leaks beginning to pop up, OnePlus instead decided to start to offer a little glimpse of what the new phone will look like. So here it is, the Android-powered OnePlus 5.

At first glimpse you might mistake this for a phone that is already on the market though, and one that is certainly very well known and regarded. That phone is of course the iPhone 7 Plus, because even a quick glimpse at the OnePlus 5 will tell you that this is a design that is very, very similar to the iPhone currently on sale in phone shops and Apple Stores the world over.

As you will see from images released by OnePlus, the new device carries many of the design traits that we have become accustomed to with the iPhone 7 Plus.

That includes the svelte, pill-like design that includes a rear panel with a camera aperture, flash and microphone area that could well be taken straight off of one of Apple’s product runs at a Foxconn plant.

In fact, the phone uses the same dual-lens camera setup, even the same protrusion, antenna lines in same location, and color from the iPhone 7 Plus, and again we are not at all convinced that Jony Ive himself would be able to tell the two apart if it wasn’t for the fact the Apple logo has been replaced by one better depicting OnePlus’ ownership of the phone.

This is of course not surprising though. There are of course only so many different ways to design a smartphone that is essentially a glass screen with a touch-sensing mechanism underneath. As more and more phones are being designed, the chances of them looking more and more familiar is inevitable. Still, OnePlus cannot really argue that this design is even remotely its own, and that for us is a shame.

OnePlus will be holding the phone’s launch event on June 20th, following which, we will have more information on the internals of the device.

(Second image via: @Slashleaks [Twitter])

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