New Philips Hue White Ambiance Bulbs Are Designed To Help You Sleep Better At Night

Dutch firm Philips is taking the next step in the progression of its Hue lighting range by going above and beyond a system that purely offers flashy colors and bright scene experiences. The consumer electronics company has just introduced an extension to the Hue range, under the guise of the Hue white ambiance kit, which introduces home automation and intelligent lighting fans to a system that can produce every shade of white light imaginable in order to promote healthier sleeping patterns.

This latest introduction by Philips is a more customizable version of the existing Hue Lux system, and comes at a very interesting time when changing the color temperature of lights and displays has been a prominent discussion point. The new bulbs are being marketed as a potential solution for those with irregular or disturbed sleeping habits by mimicking the day/night cycle of the sun. Those purchasing and installing the bulbs in a bedroom for example, will find themselves in a situation where the color temperature of the bulbs dim to a low-level prior to falling asleep. When the sun rises, the temperature and intensity will once again change to promote a more natural arising.


For those strolling to imagine why that would be a positive thing, try and picture the visual experience that Apple is trying to embed within its iOS devices with iOS 9.3 and Night Shift. Changing the color temperature of the display – or in this instance, a light bulb – has been proven to promote a healthier and more positive experience for the end-user that should hopefully facilitate a better night’s sleep by cutting down on the amount of blue light that is received into the human eye.

In order to try and achieve that, Philips is looking to introduce a neat little feature called “Routines” into the Hue app, which works in a similar fashion to the current timer and alarm system that Hue users already make use of. It’s probably also worth noting that the new white ambiance bulbs are purely aimed at those who are looking to introduce a relaxing, white light experience into their lives. Like the aforementioned Lux bulbs, the white ambiance offerings won’t allow any color variations to be used besides different forms of white.


There’s no official pricing for the new kit just yet, except that it will launch this Spring with a dimmer switch, two bulbs (800 lumens at 4000k), and a new HomeKit-enabled Bridge 2.0. Integrated lights are expected to be available across Europe and North America by fall this year.

(Source: Philips)

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