Mystery: Google Doodle Gets Bouncy Balls Animation on Google Search Page Today

Google Doodles are getting better and better with every rendition. In the earlier days, all we got was static paintings inspired by that day’s special event. We’ve seen Google Doodles celebrating the birthdays of Da Vinci, Valentine’s Day, Earth Hour, Pac-Man and just recently Bucky Balls!

Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle – which really can’t be called a doodle, since it is anything but a playful doodle – is an animated bubbly logo in which the individual bubbles disperse as soon as you move your mouse close to them. The animation can take up the entire screen and is fun to play around with… for 10 seconds.

Word is that today’s Doodle is to celebrate Google’s birthday which is either on 7th or 27th September. But we really can’t say as the doodle has nothing particularly birthday-ish about it, neither has Google confirmed anything about this. This mysterious Google Doodle can be seen in action on Google US or UK homepage here.

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