Zero Wing restores Google’s O

Recently, Google’s new doodle with its theme of "unexplained phenomenon" caused a big buzz on the web world. Everyone came up with their own versions of stories on their sites, Facebook and Twitter pages explainingGoogle's Doodle - The Unexplained Phenomenon why Google has chosen a UFO to display upon their search engine website depicting a flying saucer sucking away the second "O" in Google with its tracking beam. Some claimed that it was a sign that the Earth had made contact with aliens.

This rather significant move by the world’s largest search engine suddenly became a phenomenon on its own with lot many theories suggesting that Google might have made contact with aliens or have used alien technologies. Google then offered a clue on its official Twitter page, with the message "1.12.12 15 1.18.5 20.15 21.19", which when translated meant “All your O are belong to us”. Google did very little to clear up the mess, only saying in its statement:

We are actively looking into the mysterious tweet that has appeared on the Google twitter stream and the disappearance of the ‘o’ on the Google home page. We hope to have an update in the coming weeks.

However, it has now been revealed that Google resorted to this classic doodle for “Zero Wing”, a Japanese video game launched in 1989, in the honor of celebrating its 20th anniversary. The grammatically incorrect phrase came from "Zero Wing" game which actually was “All your base are belong to us”. So the whole mystery behind the meaning of a Google doodle featuring a UFO, and was linked to the search term ‘unexplained phenomenon’ has been finally resolved. Watch video of Zero Wing, it explains everything: