Try Out the New Google Search

Google has been quietly testing its new revamped Google Search homepage and it now seems like they are slowly rolling it out to all the markets. Thanks to the trick posted by Gizmodo, you can now try out the new Google Search and have a feel for it. Simply follow the steps below to get to the new Google Search page.

New Google Search

Step 1: Go to Make sure you are on the ( as it wont work for the local country pages like or

Step 2: Copy and paste the following JavaScript code into your browser’s URL field:


Make sure there that is not preceding the code above.

Step 3: Press enter.

Step 4: Now refresh the same page or simply open in a new tab to see the new Google Search UI.

New Google SearchThe new UI looks refreshing and modern’ish. Some of the elements in the new interface looks like being inspired from, specially the sidebar on the left. Except for the Images and Maps results page, the new Google UI appeared for me in all the other search results options, this includes Videos, News, Blogs and more. I’m not sure if that’s the case with everyone else too? Put your thoughts on the new Google Search page in the comments section below.