4iThumbs Physical Keyboard for iPhone

You would have heard all sorts of things from different smartphone manufacturers about how the lack of physical keyboard on the iPhone makes it a completely no go for a heavy texter. So for those of you who find it to difficult to make a switch from other smartphones like Blackberry, to the iPhone because of the sheer lack of physical keyboard on it, 4iThumbs is the answer for you.

4iThumbs Physical Keyboard for iPhone

We agree, 4iThumbs is for those of us who find it to difficult to make the transition from other smart phones. We want everyone to have a good experience with the iPhone. 4iThumbs will accomplish that, without giving up any of the great features of this remarkable product.”

4iThumbs is easy to install and use. It’s a simple screen overlay that adds bumps on your iPhone display screen. These bumps correspond to exact locations where the virtual keys are located on the iPhone screen when it is used in virtual keyboard mode. This addition is not a sticker, and therefore can easily be removed if no longer desired. Here is video demonstration of function:

Even with the 4iThumbs solution deployed, you can see the full iPhone screen as normal. This keypad can be removed as many times as you want (e.g. for game playing etc) and can be stored on the backside of the iPhone.  It is available in both standard and landscape modes. 4iThumbs is probably the strongest screen protector available in market today, and it reduces glare to a great extent. It adds no weight or dimension to your iPhone, and is virtually undetectable except for its feel. Watch this installation video to learn how to hook it to your phone. [Via Engadget]

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Only time will tell whether or not 4iThumbs will prove to be an ideal solution for iPhone users.

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