More Details About 2019 Mac Pro Revealed In New Interview

Apple announced the new Mac Pro during the opening keynote of this week’s WWDC event, and while we already know that the machine is a real force to be reckoned with we’ve been given a little more information on just what goes into it, and what it’s capable of after Apple product manager Doug Brooks spoke with the Mac Power Users podcast recently.

The new Mac Pro can be equipped with up to 28 cores via a single Intel Xeon processor, with a massive 1.5TB of RAM also available.

Storage can go all the way up to 4TB and Apple says that this machine will be particularly suited to handling multiple 8K video streams simultaneously. That’s something Brooks was also keen to point out, saying that making sure the new Mac Pro has plenty of headroom for further performance improvement was paramount.

When we look at things like 8K workflows, that’s not the norm today. There’s definitely people doing it at the high end. But we want to make sure we’re ready for it and have the performance throughout the system to deliver on that.

The previous Mac Pro was something of a disaster thanks to Apple’s backing themselves into a “thermal corner” due to the cylindrical design of the chassis. That’s a mistake Apple was keen not to make again, and cooling is much improved this time around.

The past Mac Pro tower had nine fans. We wanted to kind of simplify and make the thermal system a lot more elegant. It’s what we call a low-impedance airflow system. If you look through the heatsink… the fin spacing is pretty wide. We’re able to move a lot of air through the system, get a lot of heat exchange with these big fans… they tend to move a little slower so they don’t create a lot of noise, but can move quite a bit of air through the system to cool the system very effectively.

Apple also noted during the announcement that the new Mac Pro can ship with optional wheels if needed. The theory is that users will be able to move the machine between physical workstations. It will also make it easier to access the machine’s internals, according to Brooks.

You realize you have this thing next to you and there’s a handle there. It’s perfect to just grab… what if I just wanted to slide it out a bit to get access to the top boards or spin it around for the back. The feet have material on the bottom… it’s really easy to slide around. It’s like, what if this thing had wheels?

The new Mac Pro will ship later this year, and while it’s going to be a costly purchase it will no doubt be a great purchase for those who need the utmost in power for video editing.

(source: Mac Power Users)

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