Microsoft Planning HD Set-Top Box With Kinect Integration

According to a report by The Daily, Redmond-based Microsoft is plotting a set-top box which includes Kinect features, whilst also linking up with various music and video services.

Kinect for Windows

The device, which will also offer apps and games, is described as an entertainment-specific media hub, and will be a separate entity to the Xbox 360 as opposed to another peripheral. Much of the detail remains under wraps, and it is currently being referred to internally as ‘Live Xbox’, ‘Kinect Box’ and ‘Kinect HD’. If we had to guess, we’d say the latter seems the most appropriate. After all, words and phrases carry much more weight with that "HD" suffix, wouldn’t you agree? I’m sure you do.

Despite putting plans for a video subscription service within Xbox LIVE on hold a few days ago, it is thought this separate project remains unaffected. Unfortunately, there are no leaked snaps to drool over, but the Kinect HD is said to be "a low-profile version of the Kinect with a larger base", and in an attempt to be as minimalistic and clutter-free as possible, it has just one cable which "branches out to HDMI, power and USB". As it is still at a very early stage, decisions regarding optical audio ports and such have yet to be made.

With Apple said to be preparing voice-activated television in the form of the rumored iTV, many consumer electronics companies are looking into and producing interactivity for our television sets. That’s not to say we’ll be ditching remote controls completely though, and the Xbox Companion app recently rolled out to Windows Phone users could be an option as a remote control. This is mere speculation though, and ultimately, the juicy details have yet to be revealed.

Originally scheduled to drop sometime this year, snags have meant the release has been pushed back, with The Daily offering a prospective arrival to be sometime before the new Xbox console, at a price point of around $150.

Thoughts? You never already where to drop them off.

(Source The Daily)

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