Microsoft Films Drop Test Of Surface With Windows RT [VIDEO]

While Windows 8 is seen as a big step in the modernization of Microsoft, it appears the staff’s behavior is a lot more in-keeping with the viral video-loving Digital Age we live in. Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft Executive and President of Windows and Windows Live division, was snapped using the upcoming tablet device as a skateboard throughout the Redmond grounds, and today, a clip has been released showing the tablet being dropped from thirty inches.

If you’ve had to deal with some of the more painstaking Microsoft products of times passed, you’ll no doubt have wanted to drop a few of the software maker’s inventions from higher heights than that. Still, these crazy videos make Microsoft look like a whole lot of fun, while also generating much-needed column inches prior to next week’s big release.

Surface Drop test1

On top of that, we’re getting something of an insight into how strong the thing is, and in this particular clip, the sharp snapper is also given a little more airtime:

Although Microsoft announced an Intel version of the Surface, prospective users of the higher-end version will have to wait, for only the RT iteration will be accompanying the release of Windows 8 next week. Packed with the specially-adapted Windows 8 RT, it certainly includes a reasonable enough list of features for your day-to-day user, although the lack of a cellular option may be an obvious off-put for some.

I would have liked the video to – instead of hastily recommending more Surface-related clips – actually have shown the damage to the device after the dropping. Although I’m not necessarily saying it would have been shattered to a pile of rubble, we’ve all seen what happens when a mobile device hits the ground from waist height or above.

Surface Drop test

With long seven days still to go before the Surface will go on general sale, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a few more publicity stunts filmed and uploaded straight from Microsoft. Although it is very unlikely the Windows maker will take requests on which wacky sequence of events to next embark, I can’t say I wouldn’t be intrigued to see Steve Ballmer slide down a long slope on a Surface – with no wheels. Who’s with me?

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