3G Version Of New Samsung Chromebook Is Here For $329 With Free 3G Data For Two Years

The Samsung-made Google Chromebook looks set to sell strongly as it launches with a slick form factor and agreeable price tag, and although the web-orientated notebook was only initially thought to be arriving as Wi-Fi-only – at least for the time being, the 3G iteration is also upon us.

Google is dogmatic in every new field it decides to dabble in, and the notebook game is no exception to that motif. Aggressively priced while offering a slick computing experience, it was thought Google and Samsung would be leaving the cellular option on ice for a while, since it was presumed the majority of consumers would be using the Chromebook at home.


A bit of a downer for those who like their 3G options, it was by no means the end of the world, but Samsung has surprised everybody by delivering the 3G iteration long before anybody would have predicted. While the Wi-Fi version costs just $249, the 3G iteration will set you back $329.99, but putting that all into perspective, it’s still a very good price.

The Chromebook is by no means a replacement for the notebook of your intermediate-to-advanced user, but for general web usage and apps, it’s like a tablet for those finding the traditional setup more comfortable.

Although the iPad has led the way to a surge in tablet sales, it’s been noted on numerous occasions that they’re still not a substantial replacement for a notebook, and while Microsoft et al may have found a solid middle-ground with hybrids like the Surface, the general interest in products like the Chromebook will remain high for the time being.

Chromebook samsung

TheVerge takes the plaudits for landing this particular scoop, and if you wanted a Chromebook with 3G, you can now place your order. As with older 3G Chromebooks, one gets two years of free 3G Verizon data out of the box. The catch? Well, you’re only treated to a pretty miserly 100MB per month. If you’re just e-mailing, you could probably get away with such a small amount of data, but a couple of YouTube clips and a heavy download or two later, you’re going to need to pay extra for a more flexible allowance.

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