Microsoft Demos The Windows (App) Store For Windows 8 [VIDEO]

You can buy apps for your iPhone and iPad from the App Store. You can buy apps for your Android device from the Android Market or Amazon Appstore. Soon, you can buy apps for your Windows 8 PC from the Windows Store.

Microsoft recently released a new video demo of its new Windows Store for apps. Aimed at convincing developers, the video crunches the numbers to make it appealing.  The representative mentions that by creating apps for Windows, they have a larger audience to sell to.

When an app is introduced into the Windows Store it will receive 70 percent revenue while Microsoft receives 30 percent. This is the standard revenue split that Apple has with its apps as well. Where Microsoft differs is that an app jumps to 80 percent revenue when its sales reach $25,000. Make sure your app is ingenious enough to sell; you’ll have to sell 25,252 apps at 99¢ each to achieve that goal. Nonetheless, these are PC apps, not mobile. Most applications offered for the new OS will cost much more.

You’ll be able to find Metro-style apps in the Windows Store, available in over 100 different languages. You can have access to the store when it opens alongside Windows 8 Beta in February of next year. The new Windows Metro offers multitasking and apps, each able to run in full-size or docked mode. Users can navigate from app to app by swiping on the screen, or even running them side-by-side.

Apple recently released the Mac App Store for Macs offering a one place stop for buying software. For the first few weeks, OS X Lion was offered exclusively on the Mac App Store. During the first 24 hours, Apple reported selling over 1 million copies of the new OS.

The Apple Mac Store had over 1000 programs available when it launched in January of 2011. We’ll have to wait and see what the number of apps will be available when Microsoft’s Windows Store launches. The number should be similar since Microsoft is currently accepting new submissions ahead of the launch.

Microsoft expects to ship over 400 million PCs in the next 12 months. If you’re a developer and would like to take advantage of new wave of Metro-style apps, check out the Windows Dev Center. You can find the preview and a current contest there now.

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