LONGER Laser B1: A High-Powered 30W Laser Engraver To Unleash Your Creativity

Looking for a high-precision, desktop-level engraving machine that won’t break the bank? Look no further than the LONGER Laser B1 30W Laser Engraver.

Currently on sale for just $999 – a significant discount from its usual price of $1399, this laser engraver features a 450mm x 440mm engraving area and a powerful 30W laser, making the said versatile machine capable of engraving and cutting a wide variety of materials, including wood, leather, acrylic, and cloth.

It also features an air-cooling system to prevent overheating and prolong the lifespan of the laser, as well as intuitive software for precise control of the engraving process.

Despite its impressive capabilities, the LONGER Laser B1 30W Laser Engraver is designed with safety in mind, featuring an emergency stop button for quick and easy stopping of the engraving process if necessary.

Laser B1 30W Features

Some of its best features include:

High Power: The Longer Laser B1 boasts a powerful 30W laser, allowing for faster and more precise engraving and cutting tasks. More specifically, the 33W ultra-high power output & 6-core laser head results in highly concentrated laser beam, and it increases cutting capability by 20%+. What this means is that you can cut 25mm basswood and 50mm acrylic by multiple passes easily.

Large Engraving Area: With a generous engraving area of 450mm x 440mm, you can work on a variety of materials and create larger designs.

Advanced Control Panel: The laser engraver is equipped with an intuitive control panel that makes it easy to adjust settings, control laser power, and manage the engraving process.

Multiple Connectivity Options: It supports multiple connectivity options, including USB and Wi-Fi, enabling convenient file transfer and seamless integration with your computer or network.

Compatibility and Versatility: The Laser B1 is compatible with various design software, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It can engrave on materials like wood, leather, acrylic, paper, fabric, and more.

Safety Features: The engraver prioritizes safety with features like a protective enclosure, emergency stop button, and built-in sensors to prevent accidental injuries or damage.

Offline Operation: You can use the laser engraver offline by simply transferring your design files onto a USB drive and plugging it directly into the machine.

Adjustable Laser Focus: The Laser B1 allows you to adjust the laser focus manually, ensuring precise engraving depth and achieving desired results on different materials.

Real-Time Progress Monitoring: The engraver provides real-time progress monitoring, allowing you to track the engraving process and make necessary adjustments if needed.

Reliable Performance: Built with high-quality components and a sturdy frame, the Longer Laser B1 is designed for durability and consistent performance over time.


Whether you’re a professional looking for a reliable engraving machine or a hobbyist looking to expand your creative capabilities, the LONGER Laser B1 30W Laser Engraver is an excellent choice – especially at its current sale price of $999.

Where to Buy?

Do keep in mind that this price is unlikely to hang around for too long and that the only way to be sure of locking it in is to place your order soon, before it’s too late.

Buy: LONGER Laser B1 30W Laser Engraver: $999.99 | Original price $1400

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