Koogeek’s Biometric Padlock With HomeKit Support Is A Must-Have For $45.99 [Originally $55]

Padlocks and locks, in general, become a lot easier to use and a lot more user-friendly when the key to access and unlock them is built into your biological profile. Koogeek clearly understands that and have built that knowledge into a biometric-powered padlock, which is on offer right now for just $45.99.

Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, consumers would have been beside themselves if you ever considered offering mainstream products which relied on biometric data for activation. A slew of technology businesses have been pushing fingerprint and facial detection forward over the last few years and we now find ourselves a point in time where consumers are happy to unlock their smartphones with their face or pay for their dinner using their fingerprint. Now, with this Koogeek smart padlock, it’s also possible to secure certain things at an intelligent level.

This lock basically ensures that you never get locked out of whatever it is that the lock is locking. Rather than having to carry a key around with you 24/7, or actually remember a 4-digit combination and fumble around with the lock, this padlock relies entirely on your biometric signature to unlock by presenting a fingerprint. It is also extremely fast in the fact that it can unlock the padlock in 0.8-seconds of an accurate fingerprint being detected. It also works with voice activation assistants and comes with HomeKit support, which means that Siri can unlock the padlock for you with a voice command.

This is definitely one of those portable products that are a very good fit for this type of technology. The internal battery can last for up to one year with a two-hour charge and the product is capable of storing up to 50 different fingerprints internally, which means that you can share access with loved ones, family members, or even dog walkers who may come to your property to walk your beloved pooch. And yes, those fingerprints can be deleted and removed from the device is someone falls out of favor with you.

A really great product which you can gran grab right now for just $45.99.

Buy: Koogeek Bluetooth Smart Keyless Biometric Padlock from Amazon: $45.99 using code DWTG4HFG | Original price: $55

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