iPod, iPhone Voted as Most Prized Possession Among UK Facebook Users, Not Wedding Ring

*puts a loaded gun to your head* You’ve got one choice! Hand me over your iPod or your wedding ring! What would you choose?


Well, as a survey from insurance company “Protect Your Bubble” found out recently, Brits would hand over their wedding rings. Surprised smile

Surprised? There’s more! The survey also found that 12% of people reported their iPod as their most prized possession, whereas 11.5% valued their BlackBerrys most and 10% people; their iPhones. 9% chose their laptop, 9% their dog, 5% their cat, 4% their car and gave their wedding ring a barely-there 1%.

While we can’t verify how authentic the survey was or which people from which standard of living PYB (that’s what I’m calling them now) were targeted, the fact remains: our readers from the Great Britain would rather hand over their wedding ring to a mugger than their precious iPod.

Or would you? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below! [via Cult of Mac]

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