iPhone XS / XS Max Features Faster Wireless Charging But Box Includes Only 5W Charger + USB-A Power Cable And No Headphone Jack Dongle

Apple’s iPhone lineup may now be out of the shadows and we know exactly which devices will carry Apple into 2019, but there are still some unanswered questions about a few aspects of the iPhones that need clearing up. With some of those questions relating to wireless charging, it’s impossible not to wonder whether the lack of real information is anything to do with the continued absence of the AirPower wireless charger.

The first question we have relates to just how fast the new iPhones can charge when slapped onto a wireless charger. Apple’s press release for the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max claim that the new devices can take advantage of faster wireless charging than the iPhone X, thanks in part to their new “most durable black glass ever.”

However, no clarification on what that actually means was offered.

The front and back glass design features the most durable glass ever in a smartphone with improved scratch resistance, while the glass back enables faster wireless charging. iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max reach a new level of splash and water resistance of IP68 for up to 2 meters for 30 minutes and protect against everyday spills including coffee, tea and soda.

The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X were the first iPhones to include wireless charging capabilities when they launched last year, supporting 5w wireless charging out the gate. That was later increased to 7.5w charging via a software update and it’s expected that the new devices now support 10w, although that hasn’t been confirmed.

Things get even murkier when you look at the iPhone XR, a device that Apple confirmed wireless charging for, but made no mention of faster charging at all. It’s likely this is a cost-saving measure, but clarification on exact capabilities would be welcome.

Moving on from the questions to the questionable decisions, we have Apple confirming that the iPhone Xs and iPhone XR will see Apple ditching the Lightning to 3.5mm headphone adapter that has been in boxes since the iPhone 7’s arrival a couple of years ago. To make matters worse, it’s also going to stop putting them in iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 boxes, too. Apple will continue to sell the adapter for $9 in its stores, however.

On a sad note we now also know that Apple will continue to ship 5W USB-A chargers in their iPhone boxes, something that is a disappointment considering we had hoped for something more beefy with an 18W USB-C charger mooted before yesterday’s announcement. It also means that if buyers want to take advantage of any fast wireless charging solutions, they’ll need a new power brick to do so. If you’re looking for fast chargers for your new iPhone, check out our guide here.

With AirPower looking like Apple simply wants to forget it was ever announced, the iPhone charging situation shows no sign of improving any time soon, at least without third-party chargers and Apple’s $19 USB-C to Lightning cable.

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