iPhone 4S Gets “Will It Blend” Treatment [Video]

Blendtec, for those of you that don’t know, makes a few high-end blenders that are capable of blending and chopping just about anything. Let me emphasize on the word; anything.

iPhone 4S

This includes their latest smoothie; of the iPhone 4S type. I personally have never heard of Blendtec and when I bumped into a few videos while wandering around on YouTube, I kind of looked at my girlfriend with a poker-face after watching a few videos. So I did what any of us that report on technology would do and I started down the rabbit hole. It took me a minute before I realized; "Oh, this is an advertisement for a blender!" and what an advertisement it is. What they have done in this ad is used Siri to talk itself to its own demise. You can hear Siri almost begging not to be blended! Kind of creepy if you think about it; but funny none-the-less! What a waste of a great phone, an iPhone 4S to be more precise, but dang I want that blender now!

Tom Dickson is the host of the videos and he does a great job. The company has even created an app for the iPhone and iPad (which you can download from this link) with some pretty cool videos of what you can do with your Blendtec blender. I picked up an iPad 2 yesterday, so I was able to download the app and check it out. The Blendtec app for the iPad is extremely easy to navigate and is bright in color adding to that wild and crazy feeling that they provide in their videos. You will also find a ‘Don’t try this at home’ section in the application that brings you to their extreme blending videos that you can watch directly from within the app itself. The app also allows you to add Tom to one of your existing photos so that you can appear to be ‘kicking it with Tom’.

I personally love the marketing they are using. It is wacky and fun but does a great job of getting the point across. Their videos really do scream, "Our blenders are bad to the core!" If you browse around the app you can find videos with stars like Ken Block from DC Shoes. Like I said, this really does make me want to go out and buy one of their blenders. For anyone that uses a blender a lot, you know how much of a pain they are. They seem to not blend like you want them to or they break down and quit working.

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