Behold – A List Of iOS 5 Compatible Cydia Apps & Tweaks

We seem to do this dance every time Apple launches a major new iOS release, and iOS 5 is certainly no different. With Apple bringing iOS 5 to the party last Wednesday, pretty much the half the planet rushed off to download it, with the results being Apple’s own data centers curling up into the foetal position.

iOS 5 pwned 2

If there’s one thing the whole experience proved, it’s that people want that new iOS feeling, and iOS 5 certainly has more than a few new features that the public have been crying out for.

The big stumbling block to upgrading to a new release of iOS though, is keeping your jailbreak and all your tweaks. There of course already is a tethered jailbreak out there for iOS 5, should you not be too fussed about needing to be connected to a computer each time you restart your iPhone.

If you can cope with that, you’ll be wanting to know which of your favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks are compatible with iOS 5. Given the changes deep into the OS this time around, chances are quite a few tweaks won’t make the jump straight over without having a couple of issues.

With that in mind, Ben (@The_Ben on twitter) has put together a handy spreadsheet showing users just which jailbreak apps and tweaks have been updated for iOS 5, or even better, work straight out of the box.

Right now, the spreadsheet is getting hammered by eager jailbreakers, trying to find out if their favorite tweaks will work if they upgrade to iOS 5, but keep hitting refresh if you don’t get anywhere at first. Remember folks, good things always come to those who wait!

If you do decide to give iOS 5 a shot, and just can’t cope without your jailbreak, then we have a handy dandy little guide for your perusal right here. There’s even an even more useful video. We’re good to you!

Some things to bear in mind though.

  • This will not work with iPad 2, nor the iPhone 4S.
  • This is a tethered jailbreak, meaning that it will require you to connect the phone to a computer running Redsn0w whenever you power up the phone.
  • As has been the case before, by pursuing the tethered route, if and when an untethered jailbreak does surface, the chances are you’ll have to restore in order to utilize it.

If you’re still taking the plunge, we wish you luck, and remember, as always, to back up your iPhone before attempting the jailbreak!

Have at it boys and girls!

(via iPhoneItalia)

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