iOS 9.1 Beta Vs iOS 9 Performance Test Video

It’s not unheard of for a new version of iOS to arrive only to be greeted by cries of poor performance. Historically, any newly updated version of iOS has needed a little time to settle down once installed, and with all of the new Siri Suggestions and Spotlight features that are part of iOS 9, that is most definitely the case this time around.

Interestingly, however, most of the complaints of poor performance from iOS 9 seem to be coming from those with iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 models, and while neither are anywhere near the fastest models around at this point, that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t expect reasonable performance. Is iOS 9 really performing so badly on older devices?


L to R: Startup test using iPhone 4s with iOS 9.0, iPhone 4s with iOS 9.1, iPhone 5 with iOS 9.0, iPhone 5 with iOS 9.1

With Apple now seeding iOS 9.1 betas to testers, the obvious question here is whether that also suffers from the same performance issues or has Apple managed to get a little more power out of the old iPhone 4s and iPhone 5?

A YouTube video decided to put exactly that to the test. Using two iPhone 5 handsets and two iPhone 4s, the video pits iOS 9.0 against the first beta release of iOS 9.1. The result? Predictably, if iOS 9.1 is any quicker than its recently-released brethren, then it’s barely so. That shouldn’t surprise too many people as early beta releases can often be considerably slower than the most recent shipping version, so really, Apple’s iOS 9.1 beta is probably performing better than it should be just by keeping pace with iOS 9.


L to R: Geekbench scores for iPhone 4s with iOS 9.0, iPhone 4s with iOS 9.1, iPhone 5 with iOS 9.0, iPhone 5 with iOS 9.1

While it’s no comfort if your iPhone is now slower than it used to be thanks to an iOS update, one phone that won’t struggle with iOS or, indeed, iOS 10 is the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Set to go on sale Friday September 25th, the new handsets are set to be just as popular as all of the models that came before them, if not more.

You can watch the performance test of iOS 9.0 vs iOS 9.1 in the video embedded below:

(source: EverythingApplePro)

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