iOS 16.0.2 Vs iOS 16 Battery Life Drain Test On iPhone 13, 12, 11, More

Whenever Apple releases a new software update there are a couple of questions — can it be jailbroken, and how does the battery life stack up compared to previous releases?

The last one is something we can help out with right now, and it’s good and bad news depending on which model of iPhone you happen to be using.

New software updates can be released to add new features, fix existing ones, and deal with security issues but all of those things can positively and negatively affect battery life. YouTuber iAppleBytes set out to find out how the iOS 16.0.2 update fares in that regard, running benchmarks against iPhone 8 and iPhone SE models all the way through the iPhone 13. You can watch the video to see how your particular device held up.

The short version, however, is that the more modern your iPhone the better this update is likely to have treated your battery. It appears that batteries with lower overall health can actually see a reduction in battery life, while those carrying batteries in top condition could see battery life actually increase. Which one you experience will, again, depend on the model of iPhone you’re using and the age of the battery that powers it.

As always, these tests can only give us an idea of what to expect, however. If you’re thinking of updating to a new version of iOS, you’re better considering the features that it adds and the bugs it deals with rather than whether you might get a few extra minutes out of a charge.

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