iOS 12.1 Vs 12.0.1 Battery Life Drain Comparison

With each and every firmware release Apple, like every other manufacturer, tries its level best to make improvements across the board. The latest public release from the Cupertino-based company is iOS 12.1, which comes with a number of new features, but just how does it perform from a battery perspective?

There have been a lot of reports recently filtering out across that industry focusing on battery performance in smartphones and other consumer-facing products.

The general consensus from the public’s perspective is that as time progresses, and as technology and manufacturing processes evolve, battery life should increase and devices should be able to stay powered up for longer. The reality of the situation seems somewhat different in the fact that devices are now far more capable and feature-packed than ever before but battery technology hasn’t progressed at the same rate.

So, with that in mind, it’s not unreasonable for device owners to ask themselves and question whether or not iOS 12.1 will be more performant than iOS 12.0.1 from a battery perspective, or whether it could make things worse, as has happened in the past.

Prolific YouTube channel iAppleBytes has once again taken it upon itself to put iOS 12.0.1 and iOS 12.1 installed on a number of devices through its paces to see exactly what changes – if any – are present. These tests were carried out on iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8.

The process was carried out using the Geekbench 4 benchmark test which essentially puts the device through a process-intensive set of tests to degrade the battery life. It then provides a score based on how much work it was able to do whilst the battery life remained intact. As you can see from the video, all of Apple’s iPhones under test had a slightly longer battery life on iOS 12.1 over iOS 12.0.1, save for iPhone 8, which lasted 2-minutes longer on iOS 12.0.1 than it did on iOS 12.1.

Even so, the difference on all devices is entirely minimal and isn’t enough of an improvement or a regression to warrant staying away from iOS 12.1. If you do love the features that we have been introduced with iOS 12.1, then the battery life should definitely not keep you from installing.

(Source: iAppleBytes [YouTube])

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