iOS 12.1 Breaks Remounting But Developer Working On Fix For Jailbreak

India-based developer and researcher Umang Raghuvanshi has taken to Twitter to provide some timely updates on Apple’s iOS 12.1 firmware. The developer has confirmed that the public release of iOS 12.1 breaks “remounting” but that his previously discovered kernel bugs are still present.

In order to provide some historical context, Raghuvanshi is one of the developers with a keen interest in jailbreaking who has already made his discovery of iOS 12 bugs public knowledge.

To date, there hasn’t been any actual iOS 12 jailbreak produced on the back of his work but it’s clearly evident from this latest Twitter activity that he is still continuing his research in the hope of managing to put together a public jailbreak for iOS 12.1. As per the initial tweet, this could prove more troublesome that he would hope due to remount issues but doesn’t look to be an impossible hurdle to overcome:

iOS 12.1 breaks remounting / (again), and fixing it will take some time. If you want to jailbreak, stay on 12.0.1 or below for now. My kernel bugs still work, so that’s a nice silver lining.

In addition to suggesting that Apple’s release of iOS 12.1 has broken remounting, the developer has also provided a positive outlook by confirming that his kernel bugs are still valid and could still play a vital role on the roadmap to achieving an iOS 12.1 jailbreak. Interestingly, it seems that Raghuvanshi has also suffered from some of the same experiences which have afflicted other members of the community in the past.

A follow-up tweet confirmed that he would not be “posting any updates” on the topic until all of the work had been completed due to “past experiences.” We only surmise that this is down to members of the community constantly badgering him and demanding release dates and progress updates.

Finally, the Indian developer does have some information for the public; if you are already jailbroken, then stay where you are and save blobs. He advises that device owners should “never give up a working jailbreak for an update.” Solid advice, indeed.

As and when we have more information on this, or as and when it progresses beyond where it is currently at, we will be sure to let you know.

(Source: @umanghere [Twitter])

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