iOS 11 Home Button Delay Issue: Bug Or Intentional?

Is iOS 11 Home button delay or lag issue a bug in the underlying operating system or an intentional move by Apple?

I am expecting Apple to issue an incremental update to iOS 11 soon, but until that happens, many users, including yours truly, are still finding niggling bugs with how the platform performs. One of the latest issues to be discovered, which isn’t actually hugely noticeable at first, but is definitely one of those things that you can’t forget about once you notice, is an intermittent delayed response when the Home button on devices running iOS 11 is pressed.

We all know what the Home button on Apple’s devices is predominantly used for. When in an app, or on a secondary Home screen page on the device, a quick tap of the Home button is essentially the “reset” button in the sense that it takes you back to the Home screen the app was launched from or back to the first page on the Home screen if there is no app running. iOS device owners are typically used to this being pretty instant and responsive in the fact that when the Home button is pressed, the system reacts instantaneously and performs the required action. That doesn’t always seem to be the case with iOS 11.

There seems to be a very annoying problem with iOS 11 in the fact that there is sometimes a noticeable delay between the Home button being pressed and the screen actually reacting to what it is meant to do. This may only be a very, very slight delay, but it’s noticeably annoying, and if you are constantly in and out of different applications on a daily basis, then you start to notice it more and more. Worst, it seems to be affecting all kinds of devices, including the likes of iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 series.

It’s one of those niggles that can actually seem inconsequential at first, but the longer it goes without being patched or fixed, and the longer it is being experienced, the more important an issue it becomes. Take a look at the video below for a better understanding of what I’m talking about.

Is it something that you have noticed on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 as well? If so, is it on older device or a newer one? I wonder if it’s intentional move by Apple in iOS 11 because of the gesture-based swipe to go back to Home screen in iPhone X? For the sake of millions of non-iPhone X Home button-based devices out there, I sure hope that is not the case and it’s just a bug in the firmware which will be addressed sooner rather than later in the upcoming 11.x release.

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