Humor: Apple To Fix iOS 6 Maps By Rearranging The Earth’s Geography [VIDEO]

Apple’s iOS 6 may have enjoyed record levels of adoption in its first couple of months in existence, but one area of the new mobile software sticks in everybody’s mind – that dreadful Maps app. Tim Cook apologized for it, iOS SVP Scott Forstall was ousted due (in part) to its shortcomings, and other mapping apps have benefitted greatly as a result. But whilst Cook assures us that his company is doing everything they can to rectify the issue, we perhaps underestimated just how dedicated the Cupertino are to have the best mapping app around. Rather than fix the inaccurate street names and landmark locations within the app, staff have been spotted attempting to change the world’s geographical traits to fall in line with iOS Maps!

This is, of course, not really the case – although it would be funny, wouldn’t it? Comedy factory The Onion has pieced together another priceless candid detailing how Apple is moving cities around to fall into line with the glaring inaccuracies with the stock Maps app, and without further ado, here it goes:

The sign shown during the earth’s "reconstruction" which read "Apple Update In Progress" was a personal highlight, and the quip at the end in which Google was said to be gathering the appropriate resources for a "rival earth" was also a chuckle-inducing moment.

On a more serious note, the state of Maps has left consumers more bemused than amused, and although things have been improving steadily, performance and accuracy levels are still way short of the old Google Maps for iOS. The search giant is said to be plotting a return to iOS by means of the App Store, but although several sources have reported of the Big G’s plans to submit the app for approval, there’s actually no evidence the app has even been readied.


Apple may have dented hope of its own consumers keeping the faith in its ability to deliver a working Maps app, but the longer Google stalls on releasing Google Maps for iOS, the better chance Apple has of making a recovery.

Then again, such is the shape of Apple Maps, that perhaps configuring the earth would be less time and resource-consuming.

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