How To SIM Unlock HTC One M8 [Tutorial]

The HTC One M8 is, despite its shortcomings, still a beast. Sure, the fact that its supposedly megapixel myth-busting rear camera once again disappoints is a bit of a downer, but with beautiful design, an incredible display and a generally fluid Android (and now Windows Phone) experience offered, it’s up there with the best. If you happen to own one and would like to unlock it, you’ll be pleased to know that the process is relatively hassle-free, and moreover, can be repeated on a fleet of other HTC smartphones. Below, we’ve got the guide.

It’s worth noting right off the bat that this is a SIM unlock. So once you follow the steps outlined in the tutorial, you’ll be able to use your beloved device with just about any other carrier on the same network. Pretty cool, huh?

SIM unlock HTC One M8

The days of devices being unlocked with relative ease are getting fewer and farther between, but in something of a reprieve, the HTC One M8 process is quite painless.

Please Note: This guide is provided for information purposes only. These steps may void your warranty, so as ever, proceed at your own risk. Redmond Pie does not take responsibility for any damage that occurs to your device as a result of following the steps.


With the formalities out of the way, let’s get started.

Step 1: First and foremost, you’ll need to gain S-OFF using the firewater S-OFF software located at:

Step 2: Now, head over to SIEEMPI (here), enter the required details including IMEI and email, and once you have done so, you’ll be mailed a unique file specific to your particular device. Download it.

Step 3: Place the downloaded config.dat file into your microSD card’s /root folder.

Step 4: Press and hold Power + Volume Down to boot in bootloader mode.

Step 5: Using your volume toggle, scroll to the SIMLock feature, then press the Power button.

Step 6: Once the config.dat file downloaded in Step 2/3 has been applied, simply follow the on-screen steps, and after a short wait, your device should be SIM unlocked.

Once you’ve followed the guide, check that the magic has happened by placing another SIM into your handset.

HTC One M8 colors

It’s definitely worth noting that this isn’t the only way to go about unlocking an HTC One M8 or other HTC smartphones. Many other methods, notably the paid ones, are even simpler, but if you don’t want to be stumping up your hard-earned cash for the privilege of using your handset on any carrier you so please, then the above guidelines will stand you in good stead.

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