How To Hide Dock On iOS 10.3.2 Without Jailbreak, iPhone Plus Models Only

Customizing the iPhone’s Home screen is not the easiest thing in the world unless you want to go down the jailbreak route, and most people simply do not want to do that. Granted, Apple lets you change the wallpaper of your device at will, but that is about as good as things get.

If you do have a particularly awesome wallpaper, you may want to be able to see more of it, and having fewer icons on your Home screen allows you to do just that. The problem is the Dock is always there, getting in the way. If you own an iPhone Plus model, a bug actually makes it possible to hide the Dock, at least until you restart your iPhone or trigger the bug once again.

The bug of which we speak is actually surprisingly easy to invoke on demand, so if you do get into the habit of not having your Dock be displayed, then re-hiding it following a restart is no hardship. Of course, this being a bug, there is no telling when Apple will fix it, so it may not be too wise to get too attached to that wallpaper after all.

Until then, here is how to hide your Dock on an iPhone Plus model – sorry, smaller iPhones are out of luck.

Step 1: Drag up the Control Center and toggle off orientation lock.

Step 2: Swipe over to the Today view on the left of the first Home screen.

Step 3: Flip your iPhone to landscape orientation and press the Home button just as you do so.

Step 4: Quickly flip your iPhone back to portrait mode.

Marvel as your iPhone gathers its bearings, but does not show you your Dock at the bottom of the screen. You may need to time this just right for it to work, so if you don’t manage it first time, just keep trying. You’ll get it eventually.

Only iPhone Plus models allow the Home screen to switch orientation, which is obviously why this will only work on larger iPhones.

Watch the video below to see the glitch in action.

(Via: iDeviceHelp [YouTube])

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