How To Fix Kodi 17 / 17.3 Errors [2017 Guide]

Here’s how you can go about to fix just about any Kodi 17 or Kodi 17.3 error in the 2017 edition of our guide.

Kodi is perhaps the planet’s most popular media center software, and being so popular means that there are plenty of people using the software, which in turn means that bugs or just regular issues will crop up here and there.

It’s the hallmark of any software that sees a lot of use, and Kodi is no different. Because there are some issues that crop up more often than not though, we’ve put together a collection of information on just what you can do to resolve the problems yourself. While there are a few issues and potential fixes below, we will continue to update this post with more as and when we come across them. Hopefully, the information below will help you out, or at the very least, point you in the right direction.

So, with that said, let’s jump right in, shall we?

Check The Log For More Information

Sometimes developers put some truly impressive error messages into their apps, giving users and debuggers plenty of information with which to work. Sometimes though, we get errors such as “check the log for more information.” If that is one error you encounter, our guide here will hold your hand through the process of getting rid of it: Fix Kodi 17 / 17.3 Error Check The Log For More Information, Here’s How.

Buffering Issue

There are few things more irritating than sitting down to watch a movie and then being greeted by buffering. It’s infuriating, and can often have all different kinds of reasons for happening. Thankfully, there are a few changes you can make to Kodi’s configuration that should improve matters, at least to some extent. Check out our guide to learn what you need to fiddle with: Fix Kodi 17.1 Krypton Buffering Issue, Here’s How [2017 Edition].

SMB Connection Timed Out

Sharing media from an SMB shared location is always going to be a recipe for disaster depending on your particular setup, so it is no great surprise that this is one problem people run into regularly. Again, our guide will show you exactly what you need to do in order to bend SMB shares to your will: Fix Kodi 17 Krypton SMB Connection Timed Out / Not Working Issues, Here’s How.

Failed To Install A Dependency

Kodi is a great-looking media center, especially when paired with the right skin. Unfortunately, sometimes its hardcore underpinnings poke through, though. Errors relating to dependencies are one such example of this happening. There are, of course, ways to stop this from happening, and we show you exactly what that entails in our guide here: Fix Kodi Failed To Install A Dependency Error In 17 / 17.1 Krypton, Here’s How [2017 Edition].

Black Screen Issue

Nobody wants to sit down to consume some media only to be faced with a black screen or other visual anomaly. Kodi is usually pretty good at keeping itself at least visible on-screen, but when all else fails, here is what you need to do to make things look just as they should once again: Fix Kodi Black Screen Issue On 17 / 17.1 Krypton, Here’s How.

Crashing Issue

As far as bugs and the like are concerned, things crashing is about the most irritating thing that can happen to a software user. Kodi suffers from the same problems that all other software does, crashing included. We’ve got a guide for that though, so you might want to check it out before you throw your Kodi-playing device through the nearest open window: Fix Kodi 17 / 17.1 Krypton Crash Issue, Here’s How [2017 Guide].

Screen Size Issue

Fans of home cinema will know that not all screens are created equal, which in turn means that not all devices that output video can know exactly where the image they create will start and end when it is turned into pixels. That’s why devices have ways of zooming their video in and out to accommodate, and Kodi is, thankfully, no different. If you find that corners of your content are missing, or you have black borders, our guide will sort that right out: Fix Kodi Screen Size Issue On 17 / 17.1 Krypton, Here’s How [2017 Edition].

Cache Full Issue

When it comes to streaming video, either over the internet or locally across a network, caches will often find a way to cause problems. If you regularly receive errors suggesting that a cache is full, we have a guide that will get you back up and running in no time: Fix Or Clear Kodi Cache Full Issue On 17 / 17.1 Krypton, Here’s How.

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